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The Sarcoidosis Network Foundation, Inc. offers mutual support for patients, family and friends of those affected by sarcoidosis.

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The Mission of the Sarcoidosis Network Foundation Inc. is to promote education and awareness; support research to find the cure and prevention; and, to improve the quality of life for those affected by sarcoidosis.

If you, a member of your family, or friend has been affected by sarcoidosis, we hope that you find our efforts helpful.

Recent Support meeting, April 2016

The acronym R.E.A.C.H. symbolizes the directions of our efforts. We are not a lobbying organization, but we seek to foster more research into the causes and a cure, by raising the level of consciousness and awareness of this disease among the public.

By publicizing events connected with sarcoidosis, we seek to make all levels of our society more aware of the disease and that neither a cause nor a cure is known.

Events, including monthly REACH support group meetings are listed on our

Our next big event is The Annual R.E.A.C.H Conference

June 3rd, 2017


... April Patient Support Meeting
April 29th more..

Can you help us? The Sarcoidosis Network Foundation is an entirely nonprofit organization. Our mission of education, support and awareness is not free however. Even provisioning and operating this website costs money. We are collecting recyclable clothes, shoes, belts and other materials to help raise money in order to operate. Will you please help us to continue our mission by donating your unneeded items?

Even patients diagnosed with sarcoidosis are rarely provided with all the information about their disease that they seek. We educate patients and others about sarcoidosis, offering literature, meetings, conferences and expert speakers on the disease itself, its treatment and effects. Speakers include world-renowned experts on the subject.

Life with sarcoidosis can become extremely stressful. To help patients and their families cope we offer fellowship and sharing of solutions and mutual aid at our regular meetings.

In everything that we do, we reaffim hope that a cure for this baffling and frustrating illness will be found in the near future.

We realize that there are other individuals and organizations that also seek the same goals. The foundation seeks to network with and to work cooperatively with others to achieve our mission.

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