Research Today

A number of research projects are underway seeking to learn more about Sarcoidosis and a possible cure. Other research evaluates better treatments for the disease among both new and already-known drugs.

What can I do to help?

Many patients and their families ask us this question. We are also asked repeatedly for information about treatments, symptoms and "what to expect in my newly diagnosed case".

Another organization seeking collect and share information about the experience of sarcoidosis, Cure Together, operates an online survey and statistics service for over 500 medical conditions, including sarcoidosis. If you are a patient, we encourage you to go to their site and complete the anonymous survey of your experience and symptoms. This data will help both research and other patients.

Cure Together's online anonymous sarcoidosis survey can be found here: Cure Together - Sarcoidosis 

You can learn more about Cure Together's ongoing mission and partners here

What is the prospect for more research?

Technology has enabled more research by making more data and more cost effective ways to cover the cost of research available. Although the cost investigational research has reached dismayingly large levels, there remains hope this may be helped by a new field of translational bioinformatics. Dr. Atul Butte gave an NAS sponsored lecture on his work in this field, and his inspiring discussion on this may be viewed on YouTube.

As yet no cure has been discovered. We need more Research